Why Leverage Gets You More and Costs You Less

Why Leverage Gets You More and Costs You Less

I talk about leverage when referring to business growth. Leveraging what you have allows you to do more with your current resources. It costs less in time and money then setting up something completely new. It does not replace full system upgrades or the addition of all new products, services, or marketing streams, but it can help you make more from the products you currently sell and the time you currently give to your business.

The three areas of your business that are easiest to add leverage to are:

  1. Automation
  2. Systems
  3. Better Time Management

Here is one tip for each area to get you started.

1. Automatione-mail Button

There are thousands of free and inexpensive applications you can download to help make your work easier. If you are sending emails to groups of people then look for a mail program to help design your next email marketing campaigns (e.g. Mail Chimp). If you are speaking online to many people find a free conference calling program (e.g. Free Conference Pro) and reach more people.

2. Systems

Don’t make this an extra step. Record your process as you do the work. Having procedures in place will allow you to create a consistent client experience, evaluate what is not working well, and reduce the time it takes to offload and train someone else to do the work.

3. Better Time Management

Get an accountability partner to help stay committed to doing the work and to keep you on track for your immediate and long-term plans. Set a standing weekly call time, check in with this information:

  1. Did I get the things done I committed to last week?
  2. If not what was your biggest challenge?
  3. What am I committing to completing this week?

Get into the mindset that there are opportunities all around you and you just need to learn to take advantage of them by leveraging the time and dollars you have right now. Make more out of what you already have invested in your business.

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