Why Discussing Your Ideas Gets You Better Solutions

While I was sitting alone in my office I was thinking of some ideas I had for change and improvement in my business. I have had these ideas before and had implemented some, but I could not talk myself in to the rest. Were they good ideas or were they a waste of my time? If I’m not getting what I want right now then what had to change and what had to stay the same.

Sitting over a tea with a colleague of mine, we were discussing these ideas and from her came an extremely simple idea that had not crossed my mind. Was I so dense I could not have come to this conclusion myself? No, I’m not dense and yet, here it was, an idea that was right in my face all along.

I committed to the solution and got two new clients almost immediately. It was there, it was simple, and it took a second set of eyes to see it. After this happened I came across this great video on Ted.com. Do you want to understand were good ideas come from? Check out Steven Johnson speaking about good ideas.

So get yourself someone great to discuss your ideas with and start creating better solutions.

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