Who Will Get You More Clients?

Who Will Get You More Clients?

I had a really interesting experience that got me some amazing free services, potential business for an internet company and respect for my bank. How do you get this Win-Win-Win for your product or service?

Creating a relationship with a parallel business can create credibility for your company and give your clients service then they expect.

What’s in it for the Client

My introduction to this internet company came with my newly ordered cheques. When I opened the box I get a message letting me know that my “cheque order includes FREE identity Theft Prevention Services. Call Now To Activate”.

This was a fairly obvious win for me, the client.

What’s in it for the new supplier

When I called to active my FREE service they let me know all I would be getting. There were 5 levels of service and the first 4 are free. “This is great,” I’m thinking. The 5th level has some amazing options of support and was reasonably priced. A huge win for them is that I now know about their services where 10 minutes ago I did not even know I had a potential problem..

What’s in it for the trusted supplier

What I learned was the identity theft prevention services business was owned by the company that prints the cheques for my bank, and many other banks as well. They are a trusted supplier to the bank. By not only giving the bank great service to create and ship products that their clients need, they offered something extra of their own for free. I felt like my bank cared enough to ensure my finances with them were as secure as they could help me make them.

Your Clients!

So who will get you your next clients? Maybe your best clients!

And who will give you more credibility in your clients’ eyes? Maybe your trusted supplier!

Start looking at what partnerships you can make in your business that will offer you, your supplies, and your clients more of what you all want.

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