When Time is Free – Business is Making Money

Time is free… What do I mean?

  • I have time?
  • I am available?
  • I can choose what to do?
  • I get paid to do it?
  • All of the above! and more

When business is not making money the business owner is scrambling to create income and profit. The less we make the harder we work and the less impact we have on our clients, our families, and our community. It is important to know that when we get to a place in our business where we can afford to offload the work we should not be doing, the more time we have to make a difference elsewhere. We are available to focus on what we love to do. We have more choice in how we will spend our time. We are better leveraged so we get paid when we are not working. We can focus on our goals, inside and outside our business and still show a profit.

When our time is freed from doing everything in our business and we get to do what we love, this is a key indicator of a healthy business model that is bringing in money. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have time in my day to do everything I plan on doing?
  • Can I make choices and change my mind and still be able to have the time to make it work?
  • Am I free to do what I love?
  • Am I getting paid and is my business making me money?

I believe happiness comes from having the freedom to choose what you do and when you do it. Getting the business model right so you can find your ‘Happy Time’, make your money, and be free to make a difference in every aspect of your life should be the target that all your goals are aimed at.

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