What Kind of Leader Do You Need to Be?

What Kind of Leader Do You Need to Be?

I remember when I was an employee. There was always a check sheet I was running. I know I was a great worker and my bosses really liked me, but I also know my mindset around what I was owed was very different than what I expect now.

If I worked 40 hours I got paid for 40 hours, the same every week. Being a business owner is nothing like being an employee.  I could put in 10 hours or 70 and they are all investments in my business with the focus on a future return much greater than I could earn by the hour.

I truly believe that there is a transformation that happens as we move from employee to business owner, to entrepreneur. What I’m asking myself now is what type of leader do I need to become to attract the type of people that are not on the 40 hour work week path. What do I need to do or model to create more intrapreneurs working in my my business? Like being a great parent, there is no time when you can say, “well I’ve got this down now, I can finally just walk away and let it grow”.

Here’s to the next learning curve!

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