What is Your Ask? Know How to Get What You Need

If you were to bump into a friend and after chatting for a bit they were to ask you, “how can I help you?” do you know exactly how you would answer? Most of us don’t. Now what if you met a business owner that may see your potential clients and they were to ask you, “how can I help you?” This is a more powerful question and needs a decisive answer. Do NOT answer, “I need more clients!” Only you can get yourself more clients but your connections can get you connected.

The key to getting what you need is knowing what to ask for, at all times. If you have an upcoming event then ask people to send specific connections to your website where they can find out about the event or sign up. If you have a new product, you might be able to use the same steps to get them viewing your product. How about asking for an introduction to a specific person, an opportunity to give some training to their clients, or get in front of them, share a booth at a trade show, or just tell them you have a free product to share.

Know how you will answer this question at all times. I find that as soon as I am in between events I get this question and I used to have a challenge answering it until I created a free product that I knew people would feel safe sending their contacts to get.

Remember, this is also a great question for you to ask your referral partners. If you can provide connections for others they will be more engaged in seeing you successful as well.

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