What Do Customers Really Want? – Ask T-Mobile

What Do Customers Really Want? – Ask T-Mobile

I was following a conversation on my friend’s Facebook account about the newest T-Mobile viral video ‘The T-Mobile Welcome Back’ (video below). If you saw the first video some months ago (The T-Mobile Dance) you will love this video just as much.

One of the comments that caught my attention was this:

Companies…all companies…should start doing things to make people happy and filled with joy like this ,,,,brings people closer together…   People want that I think.  And not only does it work at the moment…but it goes viral and just keeps on giving that happiness to others as they watch…

This comment speaks directly to the mindset of most of our clients these days. People don’t just want to be sold any more. We have seen it all and we want more. People want a relationship where the consumer gets the added benefit of feeling great just because they know you and get to interact with you.

So how do we provide this type of experience without the budget of T-Mobile? We give freely. Give your time and your knowledge without expectation of return. You will build trust and credibility with people that will want to do business with you when the time comes. T-Mobile does not expect that the 1M+ viewers per day will turn into clients, but they know we will not forget them when it comes time to evaluate our next phone purchase.

T-Mobile Welcome Back

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