What Can You Be Doing Every Day?

What Can You Be Doing Every Day?

What types of things can you be doing every day to market your product or service? Here is a quick list to help you when you are stuck.

  • Call a potential client (both cold calls and warm calls will be required in sales)
  • Send a card
  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Host a teleseminar
  • Put it in your newsletter
  • Create a special business card with an invitation and an offer
  • Send it to your list
  • Invite past customers with a special offer for them only
  • Ask your circle of influence to share your information
  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Create a video blog about it
  • Host a live event
  • Have a contest
  • Create special printed marketing collateral to hand out
  • Bring in a special guest and have them share to their list
  • Social media coverage – create a ‘#hash tag’ to really place emphasis on your uniqueness
  • Contact people that were interested in your past offers and reach out  them with a personal invitation
  • Get some PR  – interview on the news or radio station

Do you have any favourite marketing actions that you would love to share? Put it below in a comment and I’ll add it to my list with your website link.


  • Thank you Barb for sharing these valuable tips on how we can do something everyday when it comes to marketing our business.
    Many times I get stuck and and am clueless on what to put there.

    Appreciate you refreshing my mind.

    Denise Rivait

  • Here’s another one, though I suppose it would fall under “Networking”… reach out to a thought leader in your industry and make a connection. They might ignore you, or you might find a mentor!

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