Weigh Your Decisions: The right choice at the right time

If you are an Accountant or Financial planner then you have just gone through your most hectic time of year. We know that you have had a single-focus the last few weeks. The only way you could accomplish what you have to get done under the governed deadline is to have your attention and all your energy fixed to that one goal – get the tax returns out by midnight April 30th.

I bet you didn’t get an office update during this time, schedule new hire training, host a speaking series, increase your social media campaign, or invite your clients to a cocktail party. Now that it is over you will have room to focus on growing your business again.

This is a good example of how you can quickly implement something new into your business in a short period of time. Define the goal you need to reach and the deadline it must be completed in. The key here is that the deadline is non-negotiable. Then make 80% of your time, for a short period of time, focused on the tasks that will result in the completion of that goal.

Remember you still need to maintain your business, market, and client satisfaction, so if you cannot give 80% of your time, then hire a contractor to manage some of the smaller tasks for that short time. This is easier done if you have created systems to define the responsibilities you need to off-load, but that is another article.

By making a decision to prioritize a goal you move quicker into that business mindset and can take on that aspect of the growth with more confidence. I find that waiting until the time is right, spreading out the work, and implementing slowly adds to the procrastination effect and perfection paralysis.

Calculate the value of the goal being completed today versus 6 months from today and weigh your decision based on that value.

The greatest success stories are always of people that took action right away. Take action and make your business growth happen now. You will see more successes over the life of your business.

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