Using Blogging to Create More Client Interest

Using Blogging to Create More Client Interest

When I started blogging almost 1 year ago I was overwhelmed by the amount of content I felt I had to create. How was I going to come up with new topics, what was I able to share, what would people find interesting. It has been a long journey but I truly enjoy my blogging and article writing time. In fact, when I get started an entire afternoon can pass as I create post after post. That said, I guarantee if you think you cannot blog for your business because it is too hard or takes too much time you would be wrong.  This post took less than 10 minutes and showed you that something you may have thought out of reach has value and is possible.

You are an expert at what you do and if you can tell people things that makes their lives or their business better you can blog it as well.

My guest for the Entrepreneur Club Expert call this month is Linda Dessau of Content Mastery Guide and we are going to be discussing how Blogging can help generate more clients for your business. Come listen in for free.

More info here about the EClub Expert call.

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