Upward Trend for Women in Business

If you love business like I do and you are a woman, you should be thankful you live in a country like the USA, France, Australia, UK, Germany, and Canada. These are the top 6 G20 countries to live in if you are a woman. Trust Law Poll has published some interesting statistics on being a woman in an article called “Canada best G20 country to be a woman, India worst“. Some of the numbers are disheartening and some are inspirational. Check out this information in a more visual format.

Here is some more inspiring information about women in business. I love the way this trend is going.

Industry Canada  quotes that a “Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey reports there were 910 000 self-employed women in Canada in 2008, accounting for about one third of all self-employed persons”. That number is growing every year. The Calgary Harold reports on a survey by BMO Bank of Montreal which “found that 71 per cent of women would like to start their own business”. That is encouraging. They also found that, “83% of potential women entrepreneurs said access to mentors is important for them to start their own business.” Well, no one wants to work completely alone and having a mentor is an incredibly powerful way to quickly grow in your business.

I am thankful to be in a country where I can be educated, follow my dreams, and be a mentor to other women that want to work in their passion, raise a family, and still be a women.

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