Trade Dollars-for-Hours into Leverage

Trade Dollars-for-Hours into Leverage

time is money

When we are the ones doing all the work in our business than our business is billing only for our time. If you are not billing for any other employees or contractors then you are trading your time for dollars, as you did as an employee. When you run out of time to do the work for your clients then you run out of room to growth. You must create a leverage plan to allow your business to make money from other peoples’ work.

When you think, ‘No one does it as good as I do’ you are stopping your business from taking on another person to relieve you from doing all the work and growing your business. No one will do it the same way, but I bet there is someone that can do it as well as or even better than you, but it may take some time to get them up to speed.

For example; in my first business Clear Comm Information Design, I would not hire technical writers because they knew how to write, I would hire engineers that knew the science of what we had to learn and had a drive to write and a passion to learn. I could teach them any software, the standards of technical writing, or anything else I have learned over the years, and what I found was I kept getting people that were better and more devoted to writing then I was. The quality of my businesses service went up and I did less of the actual work.

Invest in your business and hire someone to do what you do, charge what you normally charge your clients and pay your employees/contractors less. When you realize that you are making tens or hundreds of dollars per hour more and you are not doing any of the work, it will free you to let go of more in your work so you can get to your Ultimate Role.

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