Three powerful Things to Do for More Business Success: Intent, Network, Ask

Three powerful things to remember in business to have more successes 1. the power of intent, 2. the power of network, 3 the importance of asking

Set Intentions

Work out your plan so you know where you want to go. You cannot even win a lottery without first buying a ticket so set your goals and define what it is you need to do to get there.

Spend time visualizing what you see as the outcome of your actions. Do this every day so that it will become real to you. This will help you recognize opportunities that will help you reach your goals.

Stay focused. Manage your “shiny object syndrome” by asking if something new will add to the value of your goal or take away from it. Everything you do should be supporting the completion of your goal.

Define and Nurture Networks

Build your “Know, Like and Trust” factor with your clients, strategic alliances, joint venture partners, and your community. This should be a focused, intentional, networking effort. Get out there and meet people, join a networking group like BNI and your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade. Remember your image goes with you everywhere and so should your business. Make sure people that know you either want to do business with you or they want to help you get business.

Remember to Ask

We are taught it is rude to ask, but if you do not ask you will not receive. Hence the biblical reference to those that have will receive more.

Ask for help – no successful person has ever done it alone. It takes teams of people to support one successful business owner. Get a mentor or coach, engage an advisory board, and/or join a mastermind group. In these types of environments you are expected to ask for help. So if asking does not come naturally to you start with these places to hone your asking skills.

Ask for information – If you are not constantly learning you are not growing yourself or your business. Don’t be afraid to ask how to do it. Get a Virtual Assistant, take a course, read a book, or just ask a successful person that did what you want to do, how they did it.

Ask for the sale – Many business owners miss this step. You cannot start to understand what it is a buyer needs to be able to feel right about the purchase until you ask them for the sale. If this feels really uncomfortable for you then hire a sales coach to get you prepared.

I have had sales coaches over the years, wealth mentors, an advisory board, business mastermind groups, and certification courses. I continually get mastermind support and coaching as well as other constant learning streams like reading books and taking courses on different techniques, philosophies and styles. You need to find your own style to be able to ask with confidence.

Remember: Set you intentions, nurture your networks, and ask. These three steps will take you from conception to sale.

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