The Tenacity Required to Endure Business Hardships

The Tenacity Required to Endure Business Hardships

jar of cash at check out of businessThe penguin, moose, and polar bear are icons of winter representing the tenacity required to endure the wilderness during times when food is scarce and the environment is uncomfortable.

This is true of the entrepreneurship as well. Business is like winter in the sense that money can be scarce and the environment uncomfortable, especially for anyone who was once an employee. The true entrepreneur does not migrate but digs in, works hard through the scarce times with full faith that spring will come again.

Long after my grandfather had passed away my father passed on a statement of wisdom that his father had given to him.

Don’t worry about the money, worry about the business and the money will come.

My father explains that Grandpa always strove to provide the best service for his customers and that is why everyone loved “The Timbrell Boys” and patronized their store. They were part of the community and hence part of the environment that made the winters of business more than bearable.

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