Is That Networking Group Right for You?

Here are three really quick tips to help you decide when a networking group is right for you and your business.

people at a networking meeting doing business

1. It is about You!

Networking is a relationship so remember it is about you. You should be excited to see the people that you network with. You should enjoy being around them. That said, if you are going and having fun but not getting more business then you will have to look at the other criteria to be sure.

2. It is Work!

Networking is about working on your marketing for your business, so if you don’t see this as work and you don’t go with a planned result then it will be a waste of your business time. I know as my business grows and my time becomes more precious I have to know exactly what I will get from each networking event I go to. Make a plan, set a goal and if you cannot achieve it then look for a new place to network.

3. Alignment

Knowing the goals of the networking group you belong to will help you identify if you are in the right place. Some groups are about marketing results, some about community support, and some are about business or personal development. Some have a regimented program with required effort from you and some have a “just show up” style.

Know what you expect your group to provide for you so you won’t be disappointed when you ask for it and they cannot give you what you need.

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