Social Media Applications – What is the Real Benefit?

I have to admit I don’t play games on Facebook or have any additional programs except HootSuite to help me with my Social Media marketing. There are a lot of different things you can be doing to really connect with your ‘tribe’ online.

This week I was invited to try Empire Avenue (aka EAv). The women who invited me, Teresa de Grosboi, had joined just a week earlier and had already seen in increase in her activity online as well as likes, follows, and connections. She recommended I try it out.

I’ve been at it for 1.5 days. Success is quite a motivator to engage in your social media, but what is the real outcome? Am I connecting with the people that really want to hear from me? Am I connecting with people I want to learn from? Am I building strong, stable, online relationships? Will this increase my business or my online profile outside of EAv? I don’t know yet, but I’ll let you know as I take in all the nuances of the game.

If you want to check it out take this link.

If you are on it and have some thoughts around the real benefit to relationship building please add your comment below.

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