Shawn Koroscil of Koros Games: Meeting his clients where they are.

Here is a business doing a lot of things right. Success comes with knowing the fundamentals. Shawn Koroscil of Koros Games knows it is more important to give your clients what they need than what you want to sell.

“This is not an easy business. You cannot just rest and hope you will do well. You have to be always looking at what your client needs and wants.”

I loved the story he tells about how his clients (average ages run between about 14 and 26 I would guess), complained that they didn’t like that there was no chance for them to ever win a prize at the Friday Night Magic. What he heard was “my clients, that I want to come out to my store every Friday night, are not happy” and he made a change. He split the event and now runs two events, one with an “everybody gets one” prize and one “competitive standard”. Now his clients could choose what level of competition they wanted to be a part of. This is almost unheard of in this industry. Every store I know that runs these games has prizes for the top placing players.

I could go on about things he is doing right, including meeting his clients where they are in his marketing and sales, but that is a longer tale. Below is a link to the store’s Facebook page. Check it out for yourself and evaluate what he does to meet his clients where they are. Then start thinking about how you meet your clients where they are.



  • Was referred here from a Store in Brampton and Will not shop anywhere else for my hobbies but Koros Games due to the amazing atmosphere.

  • I’m a new resident to Orangeville and I must say this store is one of the best gaming stores I have been in. Shawn is fantastic and so is his staff. They will always greet you with a smile and a laugh! The local crowd is great and very welcoming.

    For all those gamers out there be sure to stop by and check this place out. 10/10! Always have a customer in me!

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