Review to Reuse: What do you already have that will make you more money

Review to Reuse: What do you already have that will make you more money

I create a lot of content with my blogs, procedures, seminars, and training. My coach has recommended I write a book and in evaluating how I might do that she asked me to start by reviewing all my past blogs. The goal is to find commonality in my content that would support the writing of a book. Although I would not create a book out of just blog posts (to redundant), using the copy already created will lend to the foundation of the topic.

Writing a bClean work spaceook can open doors to speak more often,  get more PR on TV and other interviews, create new programs or products to launch, or simply sell it. This past weekend I read through the last year of articles I have written. I write a lot about success, growth, money, action, planning and family. It was a great opportunity to take inventory of what I’ve already done. Finding the topic and using what I already have to lay the foundation for my new creation will save a lot of time and help me add more value to what I have done.

Do you have things in your business that you create a lot of? If so you may be able to reuse the information or product to make something else that you can use to add value or sell in your business.

To this point I want to point you back to a past blog on “Why Reviewing and Acting = Dollar$“.

People often think that there is no real value in spending time to review the past. We have been told over and over to review our business plan, our project outcomes, our past year, but what is the dollar value or does it even have one? Let’s look at one example of how we get investment for our business and how reviewing your past performance can affect your current and future income.

Of course it is not all about the review, it is what you do with the knowledge you gain from the review that really increases your chances of being successful.

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