Prosperity Pyramid Presentation at the Barrie Chamber

Prosperity Pyramid Presentation at the Barrie Chamber

The Prosperity Pyramid: Creating New Products that Attract More Clients without Working More Hours.

There are only three ways to make more money in your business:

  • Work more hours
  • Charge more
  • Leverage your time

No one want so work more hours so today I focused on two specific things you can do to charge more and two things to leverage your time that will create more income for your company. I then will teach the Prosperity Pyramid tool to show where to apply it in your sales and marketing cycle.

Charge More

1. Making more money off your products
2. Adding to your offers

Leverage Your Time

3. Charge for what you are already doing
4. Serve more clients

Barb speaks to Entrepreneurs about all aspects of Business Success, including produce development, systems, relationships, marketing, and personal development.

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