Not Getting Enough Clients? – Four Things You Can Change

If you are struggling to have a constant intake of new clients look at changing one or more of these four aspects of your business.

1. Niche

Are you sure you are selling to the right people? Who is your ideal client and what do the want and need? If you don’t know this about your clients then you need to do some work.

2. Marketing Channels

Are you finding enough of your clients in the places where you market. Look back at your niche and then evaluate how concentrated they are in the places you are spending your marketing time and dollars. Don’t waist your time or money on places where you clients don’t hang out.

3. Message

Are your marketing messages targeted to your ideal client? Make sure you are speaking to the people you want to sell to and not the general public. Keep your language and your offers laser-focused on the people you want to hear you.

4. Offer

Is your product offering positioned to be appealing to your niche market. Does the pricing match your branded image? Are you selling in a place where your clients will want to purchase it from. Again, knowing your market will help you understand the best placement for your product or service offering.

When you have all of this right people will stop saying, “I can’t afford that”, or “I don’t know, let me think about it” and start saying, “yes!”

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