No Change is Change

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The only way to “something new” is through change. Whether it is a good change or a bad one, an expected change or a surprise, something we chose or something forced upon us, there is no way to our next experience without first going through change.

A changed present is not the loss of our past, it is the culmination of past experiences incorporated with all that you can be, to become all that you are; creating a stream of past and experiencing our future self through change.

Slow Change

Sometimes change is a thousand small turns through experience, each “turn” is so slightly different our perception is that we are unchanged. These ‘thousand small turns’ are commutative. Only by viewing our start and endpoint can we perceive the significance of our change.

Fast Change

Sometimes a moment can change our lives forever. Since humans are most likely to choose gradual change, “life-changing” moments are often a surprise, either filled with dread or happiness. Any drastic change that we choose for ourselves is often filled with fear and anxiety as the time of the moment approaches, even when it is a good ‘change’. Before the planned change happens there is time for preparation and planning, but once the moment passes, there is no going back.

Rules of Change

  1. Change is never about backtracking. The past is changed and the ‘now’ is new. This doesn’t mean that we cannot learn from past change, nor does it mean we cannot go back to past choices, but what it does mean is that what we’ve learned along the way gives us a new perspective on our present situation.
  2. Finding the perfect moment that we want to experience again and again is fleeting. No moment is permanent. As much as we want to continue with the moments we love, the next time we experience it, it will be different. Because the one “rule of change” is that everything is in constant change.
  3. Fighting change is a losing battle. By setting your marker in the ground and stating you choose not to change, everything around you will change, ultimately changing your experience. We really have very little control over the change that others experience and certainly no control over someone else’s response to their change. Anyone we interact with will change our experience, whether we want them to or not.

Since all choice incorporates change and every change is a minute-by-minute timeline of choice, overlapped by every person that interacts with our change, there is a large variance of possibilities that will lead to changes that are not the originally chosen path. Managing change is a complex process requiring significant oversight, planning, and systems to take into account all the variables, options, and choices made by each person involved. Whether ‘change’ is required and no change was taken, or no change is required and change happens naturally, there will be change. What is important is that you make each choice count so you can get to a future you desire.

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