Need Some Forgiveness and Kindness?

Need Some Forgiveness and Kindness?

OK Barb, where are you going with this? Last week I found out how loving myself can affect my business and now you are going to tell me about forgiveness and kindness? When are we getting back to concrete business?

Did you have a twinge of this thought when you read the title? It’s OK because I promise I will tie this into some concrete business ideas, contacts and opportunities.

Recently one of my shifts in my marketing was to change my networking focus. This shift took me to the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC). The focus of the EBC is to increase the reach of its members through the giving and sharing of others. It is truly effective and has connected me to some amazing people creating some incredible change in business. Two projects I want to talk to you about are around forgiveness and kindness.

If you are following me online recently you would have seen the reference to “Project Forgive“. This well planned marketing and outreach campaign has achieved its first milestone of raising $100,000 to start producing Shawne Duperon‘s movie about forgiveness. This inspiring documentary is on track to be a global success even though filming has yet not begun.

I was given the opportunity to help share the information that led to accomplishing this first milestone. There was no promise of remuneration, so how does this help my business?

Help WantedForgiveness

There are many others helping this cause. The partners, Shawne Duperon and Teresa de Grosbois, have a very comprehensive marketing plan that included incredible communications reaching out daily to those involved and connecting personally with a genuine heart to see everyone on the project succeed somehow.

Because of this I have been introduced to others by them in a genuine personal introduction. You cannot effectively write this type of language for yourself and have someone convincingly perform it. I was honoured by their love to see those that help be helped. With this type of introduction I have been invited to share my passion with other large audiences, allowing me to get my word out to so many more and increasing my reach for my business.

In a short time frame a community has grown up around this cause. In this community are entrepreneurs and industry leaders of note, which I am now connected to. It would have taken more than a year in a traditional service club to create these types of connections and it is just starting.  I have seen an increase in my list and my online contacts. I am now reaching more people and can help more people because of that.

If you can find a cause that aligns with your business, creating a project to fund it is one way to make it happen like Shawne and Teresa have done or you can support a project as I did and find gratification being a part of a team where so many others succeed.


That brings me to ‘kindness’. Today I was asked if I could help share a million acts of kindness. This aligns completely with my beliefs and seeing Charmaine’s Kindness site (not yet live) fill up with videos and stories of acts of kindness will be exciting.

My part will be to add one video. This ‘Yes’ has opened the door to personally connecting with Charmaine Hammond, another incredible author, speaker and successful entrepreneur and be a part of something way bigger than either of us.


You know what they say, “If you want to be successful at something, surround yourself with successful people doing what you want to do.” So forgive yourself for not seeing that connecting to a project and helping it succeed without compensation will help grow your business. ‘Project Networking’ is not the traditional marketing channel. Now engage that kind heart of yours to drive your passion, find your cause, and connect in a way that gets you in front of your clients and surrounds you with the type of people that you want to become.

Reach out to Shawne, Teresa, or Charmaine and let them know you can help them create an Academy Award winning documentary or add to the 1 million list.

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