More Contact on Facebook – Tip

More Contact on Facebook – Tip

I love uplifting statements and quotes from people that have been successful. I love to learn from others that have done it before and I love to be inspired by their statements of brilliance. So on Facebook I find myself often sharing images with quotes from others. If I’m inspired then I feel sharing it can help others to feel that way too.

A tip I got from both my husband (Bob Barrie) and one of my mentors and friends (Shawne Duperon) is to take a quote I like, put it on an image I find appealing, give credit to the person that created the quote and put my website address at the bottom of the picture.

Facebook example of sharing a quote and image

Brilliant! I create an image with a quote that inspires me and share it for others to feel amazing, plus I get to share my name around the web as well. And now you can too.

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