Making a Global Difference Doesn’t Have to Be Global

I believe that making a global difference is not about being global – It is about getting back to our roots. Darren Hardy, in his book ‘The Compound Effect‘ shows over and over how doing the small thing consistently creates a big result. All big accomplishments are the result of the accumulation of a bunch of smaller actions.

  • We don’t get to go from 1 client to 100,000 without first having 10, then 100, then 1000, etc.
  • We don’t go from amateur to expert overnight. We need to put in our ‘10,000’ hours as described by Malcolm Gladwell and practice our craft until we perform as an expert every time.

I know that business owners can bring wealth and stability to communities through the vision of their business, one small business at a time. I truly believe that eliminating struggle for the business owner will ultimately help to see the end of the working poor in our communities.

Support healthy business growth in your community and be a viable, sustainable business yourself. This way we will all be adding to the health and success of our communities, the families in those communities, and their ability to add their brilliance to the world.

One Business – One World

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