Is Your ‘ToDo’ List TOO LONG? How to Prioritize to Get Things Done

Is Your ‘ToDo’ List TOO LONG? How to Prioritize to Get Things Done

There are times when I take on too many things and my ToDo list grows way too long. But when I commit to doing something I like to see that it gets done and I bet you have some if not all of this challenge with your business as well. So, how do we manage to get everything done? Here are 3 things I do daily to ensure that my list gets shorter and the important stuff gets done on time.

Adding Stars

I am starting with the assumption that you have created a ToDo list. That this list sometimes grow excessively long and it makes you feel out of control or depressed about what is not getting done and what still has to be addressed. I know I do.

When I have a really long list of things to do I start by scheduling time in my calendar to actually work on SOME of the items. If you have a handwritten list then put a star beside the three items you intend to complete today. If it is an electronic list then highlight three items somehow (e.g. change colour or add a flag). Just choose three. If they will take a lot of time then schedule the time in the day to work on them. Don’t expect that your day will just open up and you will have time to do all your work. Make it happen by defining when it will happen.

Offloading Work

If there is anythign on your list that you can offload to someone else, then do it. In my personal life I have had a couple of Ah-Ha moments when I thought to myself, I cannot possibly get this done and then I remember that I have three kids and they are more than capable of learning and taking on new tasks. Offloading some of my personal commitments has made more room for my personal relationships and allowed me to really focus on the important things I want to do with my family.

It is the same for business. If you have something you cannot get done, but it is key to developing a new product or serving your customers then you must get help. Hire a virtual assistant on contract, get a student to come in for a couple of hours a week, get a consultant to manage a process. Don’t think you are the only one that can get it done. Paying someone up front will allow you to get your business where you need quicker so you can start making more money sooner.

On a daily basis you simply need to evaluate what items on your list are not getting cleared off and determine if there is a way to get someone else to complete it for you.

Update your List

Make sure you are removing things from your list if they are complete. If you are hand writing your list then you should re-write the list each morning and star three new items. Even though the list is long it should be clean and easy to read. You don’t want to add the stress of clutter to the list when the list may be a point of stress for your business and your personal life.

Take two minutes each morning to review your list, write it out again and set your top three priorities for the day. Do you realize that if you complete three things on your list every day then in one business week you will have stroked off 15 items from your list?

Note– If you are not a list person but you find yourself overwhelmed by managing all the things you need to do then my first piece of advice is to create a list of everything you have to do in your business and your personal life. The steps to success must be mapped out so that you don’t miss any key points and so you can get others to help when you need it. Non-list makers can offload list making to someone else if you really cannot bring yourself to doing it, but the items must get captured in your timelines and your plans.

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