Is Your Energy Getting You What You Want?

I just had the most amazing Skype call with Tash Jefferies this morning. You know those calls or meetings you may have where you leave feeling uplifted, motivated, and connected – empowered to do something truly incredible with your life?

When I started this morning it was just the first day back from an extended Christmas holidays, as the last two days have been snow days for everyone that lives in this house except me. I had a wonderful Christmas. We baked, played games, ate lots of wonderful food, had family visit, shared times with friends, and I really got to relax. So much so that when I would work over the last 3 weeks I would make sure I was dressed (most of the time – I confess I did work in my pajamas a couple of times last week) and that was it. No makeup, no style’n, no dress boots when I went out, no meetings. My energy towards my goals was going down.

I’m not suggesting that you need to be formally dressed to make great things happen. During this time I met several of my colleges, but did not connect more than a few minutes. I could not manifest time with a close friend who is also an entrepreneur. I could not motivate my own self to feel worthy of the things I am working on. We call this a ‘Slump’ and it is not attractive. If you want to bring more into your business, connect with the right contacts, be a great leader, build a bigger business, help more people then you have to start with ‘you’. Use your heart to be attractive to yourself before you engage with your clients.

Hearts Attracting

Yes your energy can attract or repel your people. My dear friend Rose Adams demonstrates this clearly with a couple of coat hangers and two volunteers at one of her motivational talks. She shows how negative emotions close in around us and how the more powerful positive emotions reach out to our environment to interact with others and bring them in. The science behind this connection has been studied through the HeartMath Institute and shows how the energy of our being can interact with others before we even say a word. Do first impressions count? You bet they do!

So this morning, I got dressed to impress for a Skype call. I put on my makeup and brought my A-game to my call. Even though we were over 40 miles apart, I could see how my being was affecting her, and in return I was given the same gift back. The positive energy of two people does not equal 2 it is enhanced and multiplied to create an incredible field of abundance.

If you want something then make sure your energy is letting people know you are ready for it. Giving energy to that which you are passionate about does not deplete you, it fills you with more. I say ‘give to get’ and your business will grow like you have never seen it grow before.


  • Morning Barb,

    Thank you for this excellent article reminding me of the power through my energy field… act the part. There has been a challenge in my personal life lately and “dressing” the part and my energies have been low. Having the balance of mind and body is a continual process and I am grateful for the reminders.

    Thank you

  • Yes sometimes all we need is a reminder. I hope your challenges turn into opportunities quickly and things feel better for you soon.

    Be well Karen,

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