How Do Your Employees Affect Your Brand?

I have a coaching client with a very successful business. Her clients love her, she attracts hard working, talented and driven experts and her business is growing – now anyway. What she has been lacking is the branded vision throughout her company. One that her employees can really understand and live so that they portray the same image throughout the company and to their clients.

Because of this lack of cohesive direction there are some employees with a vision of their own. What work times are acceptable, what HR policies fit for the moment, what language can be used within the company and with the clients. It will eventually cause the company to break apart, but my client has seen this as an issue since she purchased the company and is working hard to first develop a strong brand that everyone will want to be a part of and then get everyone on-board. It may not be possible to bring everyone in this new direction, but they will choose to play in the new sandbox with the rest of the growing company or leave.

As Jim Collins explains in his book ‘Good to Great‘, “you have to have the right people on the bus”. These ‘right people’ will want to be a part of your vision, but only if you have one. So start with a strong brand and vision for your company, then share it with everyone that has to help you maintain it.



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