Get Speaking!

Have you decided that speaking will be a way to get in front of your potential clients, to build a stronger relationship, and to give great value to people in their lives and their business? If so the thought of finding a venue or event to speak at may feel overwhelming.  No one is asking you to come speak at their event yet. You know people but you are not on the inside of the circle to get the invites. You may be thinking there are no opportunities to speak unless I make my own and you would be right.

The key to getting into speaking and getting the invites is to have the experience and to get the experience you have to get speaking – so – Get Speaking!

  • Make it a priority so you will start seeking and seeing the opportunities around you.
  • Set something up at your local library, ask friends in business if you can speak in their boardroom for their teams, or in their homes for their friends.
  • Talk to the people that know, like, and trust you to help you get started.

It is all about getting started.

Child handing you the phone to start calling people

Darren Hardy said, “What creates short term pain creates long term pleasure – What creates short term pleasure creates long term pain”. Get into action and start asking for help and setting up those first few events to create your portfolio and that short term pain will create long term speaking opportunities for you.


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