From Developer to Leader: Building a Team for Generational Continuity and Sale

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You are the owner of your business and you are the leader of almost everything you have put into place so far. You made all the initial decision and the initial investments of time, money, and energy. You have lead the way through the initial sales, hiring support and employees, and you are the one discovering all the new ideas you want to put in place to grow. You are a developer leader, ‘the one’ managing everything. But now it is time to be a leader of leaders.

Over the years you have enjoyed the joy of creating something new, the satisfaction of completing something challenging, the thrill of making everything work, and the fulfillment of serving your client base well. But now you are ready for a change. You don’t want to be ‘the one’ to do everything and, some day in the future, you might want to walk away and do something else: something just for you. You know in your heart that if anything happened to you now, your business would not survive. This is because you do not have other leaders of development in your company. You are ‘the only one’.

To have continuity in your business, any one aspect of operations in your business needs to be known and understood by at least one other person. Here are five reasons why.

  1. If someone else knows how to do ‘it’, it can get done without your input. This ensures things don’t get missed when you are not available to look after it.
  2. If someone else understands the reasons behind why something is done, not just the how, they can ensure it is not missed when other things change.
  3. If someone else has autonomy to view their position as a possible pivot point, they will be looking for the changes that could or will happen. This ensures your business remains competitive, even without you having to be on top of all the trends and changes in your market.
  4. If you have leaders in your business, they will be willing to ‘step up and take on more’, ensuring your growth can be more easily managed as the company expands. This may include hiring, training, engaging, inspiring, and managing other employees.
  5. If you have leaders of leaders in your business you have someone that can take on the responsibility of ensuring other people are willing to ‘step up and take on more’. You could more easily replace yourself in this business with another person (or buyer) to take on your responsibilities.

A company that can easily grow, contains leaders to help encourage sustainable competitiveness. This leader-filled company creates value, not just for now, but for the future. A company with generational continuity. One that is not only worth something to you, but to all those in it, as well as buyers that may want to be part of it.

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