Focusing on Your Marketing – Three Steps for a Q4 Push

Focusing on Your Marketing – Three Steps for a Q4 Push

Many people are realizing, as we enter the last quarter of the year, that they need to put on the push to finish with more than they had last year. Meeting your goals by December 31 is difficult when you start in October, but there is one thing that can definitely help and that is refocusing your marketing efforts.

There are a lot of pieces to marketing and if you have no idea where to start then my first recommendation is to either get training from someone that can teach you the basics or hire someone with the expertise to help you. Assuming that you know your target market and your brand language and you already have the channels of marketing defined for your business then here are three things that will help you create a strong focus for your Q4 campaign.

1. What is Your Marketing Goal?

I don’t mean you overall goal, but the goal of this marketing push. Are you trying to sell a specific program or package, are you looking for 5 new clients, or do you just need to increase your list by 1000 names? You need to be specific so you can use the correct language and ask people to take the action that will get them to do what you need.

If you focus on filling your list with names by asking people to sign up for your IFO (Irresistible Free Offer), but you need to sell bums-in-seats to your January program, then you will be asking people to focus on the wrong thing in your business. They may find the information for you program, but the air will be filled with your free offer content. It dilutes your request and hides your true intention from the people that may really want to purchase from you.

Know your goal and be intentional when creating your marketing plan for this campaign to really highlight it.

2. WIIFT (What’s In It For Them)

What's in it for Them

We understand the common acronym “WIIFM” but I want you to think about what is in this marketing conversation for them. You have something you want to sell but you need your clients to listen long enough to really engage and become interested. There needs to be something that will continue to interest them when the call to action happens every time they are touched by your marketing message over this period. Do you have a special offer for those that take action earlier, a bonus for those that pay in full, gifts for those taking advantage of this special offer, a special guest or another way you can add more value…

We are bombarded by marketing images and messages, to the tune of thousands each day, so you have to make yours unique enough that your target client will stop and read it and then take action.

3. Do it Every Day

Once you know your goal and you have your WIIFT offer set up, you have to create a plan to reach your clients several times over the selling period in different ways. If you find yourself spending several days without sending out a touch to your market then you have missed some opportunity to create more interest for your product or service. You must be doing something every day to fill or sell your product or service if you really want to meet your goals. Check out my blog for a list of something you can do every day.

You have got your goal, you know your language to appeal to your target market, and you’ve set your plan, so go market your business and let me know how your last quarter of 2012 ends for you.

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