Filling the Pyramid: A bottom’s up look at the new sales funnel

Filling the Pyramid: A bottom’s up look at the new sales funnel

I know many of you read my BLITZ Big Thinker E-zine with the article about the ‘Prosperity Pyramid’ TM for sales. I wanted to talk a little more about filling your sales funnel, in this case filling your pyramid (bottom up), and why this works so well.

Filling the Pyramid

I love this model for sales and I have learned it over and over from many different people that are very good at this – I just drew the image and called it something. So the concept of filling your sales funnel in this manner is a “tried and true” model in practice by some of the most successful people in business right now, like Jack Canfield, Michael Port, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Fabienne Fredrickson, and others. You may not know all these people but they are running 7-figure businesses (if not multi-7-figures) as are many business owners we may never have heard of, using this business model.


Prosperity Pyramid - The New Sales Funnel

“So what’s so interesting about this model,” you may ask? It is the “No Factor”. I’ve been in an MLM (multi-level-marketing) business before and I was given a sheet with the word ‘No’ written on it 100 times. I was taught to make my calls and celebrate every ‘No’ I got because that got me closer to a ‘Yes’. Every time I got a no I would strike out one ‘No’ on the sheet and move on to the next call. The expectation was that 100 no’s would get me 10 yes’s and of those I would get 3 sales. YUCK! I don’t like those odds. Closed sales of 3% sounds way too risky for me. When I heard that people were getting closed sales of 90% or more I thought to myself, “ya right!” How could this be possible? Who are these people? What do they know that I could learn?

What I found was the ‘No Factor’ was much smaller for them then for typical sales and it was really because of the first step in the Prosperity Pyramid. When you are filling a traditional sales funnel, like the 100 calls I had to make, you are looking for the people to sell to. You are seeking them out and then in your first meeting you had to determine if they were a fit by offering them the opportunity to find out about you and what you were offering them. We call these people ‘Leads’.

The difference with the Prosperity Pyramid sales model is who you are selling to. By offering something for free or almost free to prospects that you have branded your company and product to appeal to, you only get people that have taken the time to find out about you and what you offer. That gets rid of the first 90% of the no’s. Do you see how elegant this is? The 10% that do accept the offer to be connected to you through your free offer already have some buy-in for your product or service. Now you can spend your time selling to 100% of your prospects (not leads) and not making calls to the 90% that are not a fit.

I love this process – how about you?

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