Excerpt from “The 6 ‘Musts’ That Make a Great Entrepreneur”

Excerpt from “The 6 ‘Musts’ That Make a Great Entrepreneur”

Yesterday I was at the SOHO | SME Expo in Toronto. I went mostly to see Sir Richard Branson but what I got was some phenomenal information from people like Dr. Leslie Roberts of GoForth Institute, Jordan Banks Managing Director of Facebook Canada and Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct Canada. The information was so valuable I worked some of their stories into my e-zine. Today I wanted to share with you an excerpt from that article “The 6 ‘Musts’ That Make a Great Entrepreneur”.

#2 Must see something where others do not

There are so many opportunities out there. The best ideas are usually fairly simple in concept and sometimes very hard to implement but it is the idea to do something in a way that no one else does it that allows a business to stand out and become successful.

Yesterday I had the privilege of being at an expo where Amanda Lang of CBC News was talking to Peter Aceto, the CEO of ING Direct Canada. When ING Direct Canada opened in 1997 people could not believe that there was a bank that had no physical presence. The founders of this bank knew there was a better way to ensure people could “save their money” and that was to cut out all the overhead. “How do you build a bank without a bank”, was the question they had to answer. As we know, it has become a very successful business model, started in Netherlands in 1991 and now in over 40 countries. It even has competitors, like Presidents Choice Financial launched in 1996. Someone saw the need and then looked for a solution that was not what everyone else was looking for.

Here is a picture of Aceto on stage with Lang and Branson.

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