Building a Mastermind Group – Part II Commitment

To have an effective mastermind group you will need to have three things in place: Intake, Commitment and Rules. Last week I wrote about the Intake process. Today we’ll discuss commitment to the group.


What is the commitment for this group. You will need to determine what the commitment for the participants will be. For example, the group will meet once a month for one year. The meetings will be 3 hours long and each person will get 30 minutes to discuss their business struggles.  A person must be able to book all 12 meetings ahead of time and will commit to being at the meetings as if they were client sales meetings.

Set time and location

Get everyone to open their agendas and put all dates for the full commitment length into their calendars. Decide where you are going to meet. The location should be a quiet, private location so that people will feel comfortable to bring real issues to the table. It is not uncommon for an issue to be emotional, so being somewhere private gives people a safe place to open up and get the help they need.


Define an agenda for the meetings. Will you start with a sharing session, or just jump right in? How do people speak and how do they know when it is their turn.You may also want to have 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of the meeting just to greet each other and get set up or insist that people come early to do this.


Will there be any cost involved, like refreshments, location rental, special training sessions, etc. Everyone will need to know up front what kind of financial commitment will be required of them and they will need to accept this for the term of the group commitment.

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