Breaking Down Your Steps to Get Everything Done

I know when I’m overwhelmed it is often because I have more to do than I can picture myself doing. The thought of completing anything new is taken over by the thought of having to complete that which is current, and the things that are past due. Small items of less priority can distract me from what I want to do and ultimately cost me more time and anxiety.

I don’t know if you ever feel this way, but if you have a pile of things to accomplish and you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of doing all the work then try this strategy and see if it helps you sleep better at night.

1. Know The Goal

You likely know how to create a goal. If not, check out this article I wrote on ‘SMARTAR’ goal setting, some time ago. Remember, it must have a measurable outcome and a timeline for completion.

2. Know What You Want To Happen

Brainstorm all the things you know must happen, or you would like to happen, to create a list of items that must be completed to get to your goal. If you think about something that must be created, add anything that you must do to create that one item. Make the list as complete as possible.

For instance, if you need to share an event on social media, you will need to create the copy for each social media platform. You will also need to create images for your marketing and you may need to put this information into your social media scheduler.

3. Do Something Every Day

If you want to make gains on your goal you need to be working towards that goal every day. If you want to avoid being overwhelmed, you need to be able to easily see which priorities you will be working on. At the end of each day, evaluate what needs to still be completed. Put the top 6 priorities in a list for the next day. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to have to do everything. Remember, if you have other tasks, like client work, that is booked for that day, they need to be in that top 6 as well. Having a ‘todo’ list created for the next day will allow you to sleep without spending time working out the priorities of your tasks all night.

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