Attracting What You Want! 3 Easy Steps to Start the Process

Attracting What You Want! 3 Easy Steps to Start the Process

Have you heard of ‘The Law of Attraction’? There are many explanations of why it is important and how it works (check out Joe Vitale or Mark Rhodes for some ideas). When I saw the movie ‘The Secret’ for the first time I was in my early 40’s. I watched as if I had been vindicated for my life-long belief that I could make things happen just by believing they would. It was amazing to me to know that there were other people that believed what I believed and they were voicing their belief to the world. Because of this movie the idea of attracting what you want has become almost main stream.

Mark Rhodes "Think Your Way To Success"

No longer feeling like an outsider for my process, I have used this over and over to do things like:

  • Working part time while getting paid for full time work
  • Creating a business so I could be closer to my kids as they grew up
  • Taking my kids on vacations every year, including Florida, New York City, camping in Muskoka, and others
  • Having time to focus on my 23 year relationship with my husband so that we could continue to grow together and stay “in love”

Here are my top three steps to making this process work for you.

1. Believe

You need to believe that what you want can be real. Use tools like affirmations, journaling, and envisioning the result to start to make it real for you. If you don’t believe it can happen then you will be right and it won’t. You are the catalyst to making new things happen in your life. If you believe it is possible you will start seeing opportunities that will make it materialize.

2. Share Your Belief

Tell someone about what you want to do. Like any action of change you need to start by putting out your intent to make something happen. If you are a smoker and you want to quit your chances of succeeding increase if you tell someone you are going to do it. Between your belief that you can do it and your accountability to the people you have told, you will have more incentive to continue to find ways to make it real in your life.

3. Take Action

The ‘Law of Attraction’ does not work as a wish. In the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, Mr. Hill states “Wishing will not bring success, but desire will”. If you desire something you are motivated differently to make it happen. The key is to be motivated to do something. It is your actions that will make the desire become reality.

Start the process of bringing some change to your business or your life. Make it a real belief in your mind, share it with someone that will cheer you to success and take action when the opportunities come to you. Joe Vitale would say that he “never passes up an opportunity” and look where it has led him, to millions of dollars and a lifestyle that is spiritually fulfilling.

What have you materialized in your life?

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