Are You Committed or Not? You have to decide!

Are You Committed or Not? You have to decide!

Try It Out

You know when you are just starting something new and there is that “trial period” where you are still sitting on the fence around your complete commitment? For example, when my kids started taekwondo they were not sure it was going to be a life-long sport of love. My recommendation to them was to try it for a set period of time (in this case 2 years) and then determine where to go.

Research First

Sometimes things we agree to doing we have to commit up-front, ‘before we purchase’, you might say. This would include things like having children, getting married, purchasing a business, signing a partnership. These are they types of things you cannot try on and then discard, you need to research before you invest your time, energy, emotions, or money.

Commit to It Fully

In either instance you must fully commit to playing at 100% to get the full value of what you have invested in. Only one of my three kids ended up liking taekwondo because only one would practice. For other commitments I see people not showing up, not contributing, coming without being prepared, whiny and angry or gossiping.  All these things show a lack of commitment to something these people have paid time and money to be a part of.

Don’t run your business like this. Here are 5 great things to help you stay committed every day.

  • Arrive in your office with a smile on your face (even if it is in your home)
  • Set your goals for each day the night before and do the hardest one first thing in the morning.
  • Act as if everyone is your best client
  • Take regular breaks to revive your energy so you can be ‘on-top’ of your game all day
  • Acknowledge and reward yourself when you meet or surpass your goals. (Share the news as well)
  • Get a support team to help you with new ideas, strategies, and emotional support (especially for celebrations)

What are you committed to doing?

Share your commitments with us in the comment section below.

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