Another Way to Get Your Business Name ‘Out There”

Here is an example of how YouTube and social media are helping to create followers of a new YouTube channel show before it is even launched. It reminds me a bit of a trailer on TV for a new series start.

In my Twitter feed I saw a link from @TwistImage to a new YouTube channel called “My Damn Channel Live,” that will be hosting a daily comedy show starting . I have a lot of respect for Mitch Joel so I checked it out. The video was an introduction to the host Beth Hoyt, a writer and comedian. It was a compelling video so I signed up for the channel and then watched a short trailer.

So why is it like a new series on TV, because someone I respect told me it was coming and they were excited about it, I saw the trailer that I found intriguing and a clip telling me about the host (which I might have found in a magazine or on a news segment introducing a new series). The difference is they did not pay for a magazine spot or any advertising, expect to create the introduction video.

I love to see new business and opportunities take hold and I’m looking forward to next Wednesday’s launch. Check out the link and see what part of this marketing campaign you might be able to use to create more interest in your business.

Note – a key part is having someone like Mitch Joel post your link – wouldn’t that be nice?

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