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John Maxwell says “if you want to give more value you have to get more value”. He is referring to constant learning and support. You must always be investing in yourself so that you will constantly be increasing your own value. I have recently heard that if you do what you have always done you WILL NOT get what you have always got because the world is changing so fast we must be changing with it.

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We must be constantly learning and growing our value for our customers and ourselves. Here are three things I have learned about learning.

Where Do I Learn?

I take every opportunity to learn something new. I am constantly learning.

  • I attend free and paid online seminars and webinars
  • I read about business innovations in the news online
  • I belong to online communities that share information and discuss challenges
  • I read books and magazines (I highly recommend getting Success Magazine)
  • I complete home study programs
  • I listen to books from in my car or on my phone
  • I attend online meetings with my mastermind
  • I attend networking events
  • I attend speaking events
  • I attend 2 or more conferences a year
  • I attend in-person programs regularly

Who are My Mentors?

I seek out influential people that are doing what I want to do and have systems and processes that make their business run the way I want my business to work. Sometimes I simply follow the person and gain knowledge through their interaction with their clients and sometimes I pay to be a part of their programs so I can learn directly from them. Many of these people I simply become friends with and we mutually create knowledge and learning for each other. Here are a few of the people I admire and model my business growth after.

Follow Kelly O'Neil

  • Kelly O’Neil
  • Kendall Summerhawk
  • Gina Bell
  • Derek Fredrickson
  • John Maxwell
  • Jim Collins
  • Michael E. Gerber
  • Ken Robinson
  • Daniel Pink

PaidDarren Hardy

  • Darren Hardy
  • Fabienne Fredrickson
  • Sydni Craig-Hart
  • Laura Gisborne
  • Lisa Sasevich
  • Sandra Yancy
  • Nan Einarson

FriendsTeresa de Grosbois

  • Teresa de Grosbois
  • Marla Tabaka
  • Lara Veltkemp
  • Mary Morassutti
  • Michelle Peavy
  • Shawne Duperon
  • Charmaine Hammond
  • Mark Rhodes

Plus so many others in each category. I am truly blessed with so many amazing peers to share my learning experience with and with technology I can connect and follow every person that engages me to think differently about my business, my clients, and my life.

Guilty As Charged!

Sometimes the hardest part about finding additional time to learn is creating the space in your life to feel good about learning. I know when my daughter says to me, “Mommy, you are always working” I feel so guilty. I know that I created this business so I could be around when my kids get home from school, so I could walk to school with them (more when they were smaller), so I could be home when they were sick, so I could help with homework. Being available when they need me means I work at times that someone working 9-5 would not be working and it is sometimes perceived as “always working” by my kids .  Creating time to read, listen, and attend can sometimes fill me with a guilt that makes me feel inadequate as a parent. “How can I take more time away from my family?” “How can I be a great leader for my clients if I am not learning and growing?” These two questions are always at odds with each other. There is a balance that must be struck for my own sanity.

In one of my past posts (Why Does Being a Parent Give You an Advantage in Business?) I wrote, “There is so much to know about business that if you started down the learning path before you launched, you’d be in an MBA before you opened your doors and still you would not have enough information.” If you want to add value to your clients experience you need to continue to add value to yourself. Do not stop learning.


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