Accountability Partner – What value could this possibly hold for me?

Accountability Partner – What value could this possibly hold for me?

If you are in business for yourself as a business owner, consultant, contractor, or on commission then you need an accountability partner. “What is that and why do I need it,” you may be asking.” Let’s have a closer look.

What is an Accountability Partner?

This person is in a partnership agreement with you to both hold you accountable and to be held accountable to you. You and your partner would agree on regular contact. I have two accountability partners, one I speak to weekly and one I speak to daily during weekdays. Both calls are typically 5 minutes.

The point of the call is to tell the person what you have booked for the day and to let them know what you did or did not get done from the day before.

“Whoa! That sounds like extra work to me. What value could this possibly hold for me?”

Have you ever told someone you were going to do something, and then did not get around to doing it? How did you feel when that person asked you, “so how did it go last week?” Did you get defensive, did you start making excuses, or did you just pout and minimize the value of your initial commitment? What if I told you that all great business owners and leaders take full responsibility for their inability to complete a goal or task? What if I told you they all have someone that will ask them these questions so they can evaluate their efforts?

Get someone on your team that can help keep you focused on the things you not only want to get done, but need to get done.

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