A Shift in Focus

I want to add something to my blog. Something uniquely different from what I write about in my e-zine blogs. I want to share more around what I experience in my business day-by-day, so I am changing the focus of this blog to talk about one great thing each day. What kind of things? Things that touch on the experiences I have in business each day. Topics such as:

  • Business evaluation
  • Client engagement
  • Marketing with no money
  • Professional Development and travel
  • Family buy-in
  • Administration support
  • Solopreneur challenges
  • Hiring and firing – Yikes!
  • Collecting late payments
  • Great Clients
  • Successes and Wins
  • Networking
  • Social Capital
  • Social Marketing
  • Or any other topic that affects my business and yours!

Is there something you have a challenge with or that has gone exceptionally well in your business? You should share with me and the other readers? Don’t forget to leave your website so we can all connect with you online.

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