3 Things You Can Do to Make More Room for Clients

If we can agree we all are only allotted 24 hours per day then to get more clients we have to be more efficient and effective at focusing on the things that generate new business. Here are three simple things to help you create more space in your day and thus more time you can spend on client acquiring activities.

Clean work space1. Clean Your Space

If you have to shuffle items from one side of your desk to the other, search through piles, or agonize over a growing mound that never gets done, you definitely are losing productivity in your work day.

  • Clear off your workspace so it only has the tools that you absolutely need to get your work done. Try taking it down to 5 or less main items like your computer, lamp, printer, and blank notepad.
  • File, offload, or discard items instead of placing them in piles on your desk.
  • If you cannot get something done immediately then book time immediately to re-address it later.

2. Prioritize Your Day

Pick 3 things you absolutely must complete today. They get first priority. Tackle the toughest task first. If you would normally procrastinate making your sales calls to the end of the day, book them first.

Getting the top 3 things done early in your day will leave you tons of time at the end of your day for bonus work. You will feel incredibly productive and successful and that feeling will spill over in your interaction with clients and your personal life.

3. Automate and Systematize

If you are working on mundane tasks that could easily be completed by someone for much less money than you would charge for your time then you need to be giving up those tasks. Start honouring the value of your time and letting it go. To do this you will need to know that exact process you use to accomplish that task so that you can either automate the process or offload it to someone that you can pay less.

With this extra time you can focus on getting more clients and generating new business. Don’t let the small things in your day stop you from doing the big things for your business that can result in helping more people and generating more money.

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