3 Quick Rules to Make Your Writing Better

There are several rules for writing (check the Chicago Manual of Style to get an idea of how many thousands of rules there are.) Here are a few to help you make the best of your page.

  1. There are  accepted ways of speaking and writing and this is different in different countries and for different cultures. Know your client well enough to understand the language that will appeal to them as well as images and words that will not be offensive or misunderstood.
  2. Keep to your points and be succinct with your message. Don’t add words just to make it look like you have created more value. Add value and keep as short as possible.
  3. The more white space you have the easier it is to read. The white space is the area around your message that has nothing in it. If you fill a page with one long paragraph it will be tiring and difficult for someone to read through the information. Unless you are writing a dissertation or your thesis it is likely you will never need to write something that is extremely word-heavy. Use shorter paragraphs, headings, and more point form to help bring the eye to important information.

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