2 Ways to Help Relieve Two Types of Overwhelm

2 Ways to Help Relieve Two Types of Overwhelm

Free from overwhelm

Overwhelm is a common, reoccurring event in the growth of every business and in our lives. It can be caused by many different factors of your day-to-day routine and is usually a sign of a break from those routines. We feel overwhelmed when we believe we do not have resources we need to get to all the items we have committed to. Here are some ideas that may help you find some relief for two common types of overwhelm.

1. Financial Overwhelm

Feeling financially overwhelmed can take over all aspects of your life and business. Lack of income and debt are not a healthy combination. Work on one thing every day that will bring you in money or will help you pay off debt.

Bring in Money

To bring in money make calls, arrange meetings, give a talks, volunteer, whatever it is you have defined as being part of your marketing that does not take any money to do, then do it. As part of the overwhelm we are often demotivated to do the things we have already identified as being the keys to our success.

Pay off Debt

Work out payment plans with businesses or suppliers you may need to pay off. Talk to them so they don’t feel you are trying to avoid paying them. Always pay your bank loans on time so you will not end up loosing your collateral. The Banks are not very flexible when it comes to giving extra time – but, you may be able to put off one mortgage payment once a year (if it is part of your agreement with your bank) and give yourself a small window of respite while you get other people paid off.

2. Time Overwhelm

Feeling stretched in every direction as you try to balance your business commitments with your personal life and your family can be very emotionally straining.

Break it Down

Make a very short list every day of the three things that must get done. This may include critical items for your personal life. Do them at the beginning of your day, before you do anything else. If you can easily get through those three things then you will have time to address other issues. Fulfilling and completing items helps us feel better about our ability to do our work. Leave the items that are not critical for another day or another week if you can.

Stay Healthy

I am not a therapist but I do know that overwhelm increases stress levels, which can lead to stress related disorders and diseases. If you cannot find relief then get some support to help you find a way to cope. Don’t think you have to solve it all alone. Remember you are not going through a unique experience that no one can relate to. Talk to someone and ask for help wherever and whenever you can. If you stay healthy trough the tough time you will be more prepared to take on the big ideas in the good times.


What are your reoccurring overwhelm issues? Leave me a comment below and maybe let us know what you have done to overcome or cope these situations.

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