Overwhelmed and Under-supported

Trying to do everything yourself can be overwhelming. Even when you have help with some aspects of your business you are still the one making all the decisions for your business, your employees and your future. You cannot talk to your subordinates about your struggles and issues with the business. Your spouse may be supportive, but may not be totally committed to your ideas the same way you are. Your friends don’t have the same entrepreneurial vision as you do and cannot give you the help you need.

You are not alone

A great percentage of business owners often feel this way. No one teaches you where to go to get advice for yourself as you take on new projects, learn new aspects of business, grow the business and your vision. Outsourcing or delegating what you do not do well is one thing, but who do you turn to when you need help for yourself as a business owner and entrepreneur with big ideas?

Barb Stuhlemmer, a master business strategist, helps business owners find focus on the ultimate goals, create the growth plan, define the steps to get there, help evaluate the options, and make the big decisions on how to spend your time and money so you can grow your business more quickly than working on your own.

"Awesome strategy day today with Barb Stuhlemmer. Spent the day discussing corporate strategy with my partner and our new CEO Elite advisory board. It was not at all what I expected. It was way more personalized and focused on our specific needs. We were bursting with ideas on how to add to the plan we created today, the whole way home."  ~ BM

Barb works with people one-to-one or in groups for strategy days, plus she creates and facilitates advisory boards for 6-figure business owners focused specifically on their own growth goals.

“It’s like having my own consultants I can count on to troubleshoot my challenges and come up with the strategies to really build my business quickly.” ~SGG