EXIT Mastermind Accelerator Event

You Do Everything Yourself! Learn How to Prepare Your Business to Run Without You

Wednesday, July 31, 11:00 am Eastern Timezone.

If this is you:

  • When I take time off, there is always someone calling me for help.
  • I have a tough time finding people I can trust to take on my responsibilities.
  • I haven’t taken a full week’s vacation in years.
  • I cannot leave my business without negatively affecting my team and my clients.

Come to this event to find the changes you need to make...

So this can be you:

  • I can afford to take several weeks vacation a year and truly enjoy myself.
  • The business can grow because I have more time to do other things.
  • I can now see the value of my business so I could exit, sell, or have others take over.
  • The future of my business can handle any new change, including new owners.

If you want these skills then you need to be at this free event, plus Barb has a very special offer for those wanting more.