Do You Sometimes Travel? Top 3 Tips for a Hassle Free Business Trip

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Value to the Next Owner (Topic 2 of 4)

Value to the Next Owner (Topic 2 of 4) Having an idea

This is the 2nd topic in this short 4-part series, covering 4 problems I see people have when trying to prepare their business for exit. You want to sell your business. You have years of sweat equity, money, and emotions tied to this amazing entity you have built. Your clients love your services and receive […]

Why Not Set A World Record?

Loblaw Company Limited (Loblaw ) attempted to set a Guinness World RecordsĀ® world record on Saturday for cracking the most Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheels simultaneously (about 300). It was held at numerous stores across Canada at the same time. I went to this “History in the Breaking” event at my local Zehrs store to watch […]

Who Will Get You More Clients?

I had a really interesting experience that got me some amazing free services, potential business for an internet company and respect for my bank. How do you get this Win-Win-Win for your product or service? Creating a relationship with a parallel business can create credibility for your company and give your clients service then they […]

Just Ask!

Do you ever wonder why you are not getting the things you are expecting to get in your business? I hear about this often from the clients I work with and my question to them is, “Do you ask for it?” In our society is it sometimes thought of a greedy or selfish to ask […]