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Up Your Reference Group Level

If you want to see yourself as an owner of a bigger business start spending time with people that see you as you want to be. Find people that will hold you accountable, stop you from spending too much time in ‘pity mode’, see your best and strongest traits, understand your challenges, and won’t belittle […]

Going to Conferences – What You Need to Remember

Last year following my attendance at the 2012 eWomen Network Conference I wrote this article to help you plan better to be away from your office for several days. The conference this year, like last year, is 5 days (including the pre-conference days) of world-class speakers, vendors, and attendees. It is a long time to […]

When I Talk Success Who Listens?

A quote I saw from Darren Hardy this week on his Facebook’s Daily Mojo posting was “Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.” The more successful you become the more ‘things’ you have had to overcome, traverse, transcend, relinquish, overtake, avail over, learn, mature into, and basically live through. Success is about […]

What’s Your Story?

When you are networking or speaking it is your story that will start to create the connection you need to make the bonds of a great client relationship. What is your story? Your clients and potential clients want to know you a little (the real you). Don’t be afraid to share some information about who […]

Last Day of School – How to continue to work with your kids around

Today is the last day of school for my kids. Last night my oldest had his graduation from Grade 8. The entire class looked spectacular and it was a lovely event. If you have kids, the summer can be a challenging time to run your business, especially if you are working from home. Here are […]

Guest Blogger Tim Green on Increasing Your Referrals

How do you find new prospects for your services – through cold calling, leads, referrals or prospects who contact you? Each involves a numbers game. For example, 20 cold calls may bring you five appointments and ultimately one contract. Leads may yield better percentages, depending on their source. Prospects that contact you are rare, but […]