Do you Sabotage Your Sales with “TMI”?

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You Can’t Get There!

If you don’t know what you are building you cannot build it. If you do not know what your destination is, you cannot say when you get there. If you do not know what you expect your company to be then you cannot create it. If you know you want to create something of value […]

I Have a Coupon?

If you have one product at one price then keeping track of offers is quite easy, but that is not likely for any of us. For one of my products I had an introductory price when I was building the product, a held over price, the pre-release price, a coupon I offered to capture attention […]

Who Will Get You More Clients?

I had a really interesting experience that got me some amazing free services, potential business for an internet company and respect for my bank. How do you get this Win-Win-Win for your product or service? Creating a relationship with a parallel business can create credibility for your company and give your clients service then they […]