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Up Your Reference Group Level

If you want to see yourself as an owner of a bigger business start spending time with people that see you as you want to be. Find people that will hold you accountable, stop you from spending too much time in ‘pity mode’, see your best and strongest traits, understand your challenges, and won’t belittle […]

“Omnipresence” vs. “Omni-availability” part 2

In the first part of this article (“Omnipresence” vs. “Omni-availability” Part 1) I asked you, “Are you always available for your client? Do you take calls in the middle of dinner, during your birthday party, and on your vacation?” We looked at how to evaluate the cost of running your business at times when you […]

How to Know if A Networking Group is Working for You: Another 20-60-20 Rule

You may have heard of a 20-60-20 rule for many aspects of business, like leadership, change, delegation, success, etc. I have found in networking and other associations that the 20-60-20 rule applies to good referral partners as well. 20-60-20 Rule for Networking 20% of the people are engaged in actively growing the group and their […]