Teaching vs. Reproducing

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Up Your Reference Group Level

If you want to see yourself as an owner of a bigger business start spending time with people that see you as you want to be. Find people that will hold you accountable, stop you from spending too much time in ‘pity mode’, see your best and strongest traits, understand your challenges, and won’t belittle […]

How to Act on Ideas

Once we have an idea it is often difficult to know which one we should act on, if at all. Of course the biggest challenge with ideas is actually getting into action. As entrepreneurs we can be flooded with ideas, you know them, the Bright Shiny Objects that distract us from our core focus. Or […]

When Ideas Come

When ideas come they happen fast. Often we may think, “Wow, that’s random. That came out of nowhere!” but it is likely not the case. Ideas are how our mind puts together concepts to solve problems. Not all problems are our own, so they don’t feel close and familiar. Ideas can come to us in […]

Get to Guru

In all religions there are leaders that are revered for their understanding of life and their ability to live by the words or knowledge they see as holy. These gurus, saints, disciples, teachers, etc. come with what seems like a direct line to God or the Universe. They have an understanding of life many of […]

Choosing to Grow

Last night on a group call I was asked by the event host how I was able to create an event and fill a room when this was not something I did all the time for a living. I told her I felt it came down to three key things: 1. Set the date Don’t […]

Last Day of School – How to continue to work with your kids around

Today is the last day of school for my kids. Last night my oldest had his graduation from Grade 8. The entire class looked spectacular and it was a lovely event. If you have kids, the summer can be a challenging time to run your business, especially if you are working from home. Here are […]

Implementing versus Selling

The two sides of entrepreneurship are creation and sales. You must be able to do both in your business or you will stop producing, shipping, and selling if you have a challenge with either. Implementation Some people are great at implementation. New ideas mean new things to develop and that is exciting. It drives them […]

Teaching vs. Reproducing

We know that someone coming right out of college or university has some great knowledge and a starting point for their growth as experts in their field. What is surprising is how often it is thought that having the education makes you an expert. There is no substitute for experience. There are so many variables […]